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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kiddo's First Meet Up With Michelle And Jon

My Kiddo and I visited my cousin Michelle and her hubby at their place in Pasig City last Sunday. Although it was raining cats and dogs that night, it didn't stop us from paying them a visit. We rode on my Kiddo's motorcycle that night. It was a promised visit that's why we had to go. I've been letting them down many times before about visiting them. It's also about time for them to meet my boyfriend.

We were a bit drenched when we got to their apartment. Jon and Kiddo talked as soon as we changed to our dry clothes. Like the usual, Michelle and I chatted about friends and our lives and just everything under the moon. LOL! I really thought they're grill my Kiddo but they didn't. :D He's mostly quiet when Jon wasn't around. Michelle asked me why he doesn't talk. I just said he's maybe a little shy since it's their first meet up.

We stayed overnight at their place. Michelle and I continued our chat the next day. I just miss how we talk about everything spontaneously. We used to be like that when we live together in Makati. We very seldom see each other now although we live within Manila.That's why whenever we get the chance to be together, we just chat all the way.

We left their abode with kisses from Michelle and Jon. I just like the way Michelle told Kiddo to take very good care of me. It sounded so sweet. More so when I hear him say, "Syempre naman po! (Of course, I  will)", in a very polite manner. That was his first meet up with one of my family. There are more to come, my dear Kiddo. So braise yourself! :D

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