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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Proud Yet Worried For My Brother

Aleksander Remus, my older brother, has been a certified Policeman since March. I have seen him in his uniform when we visited him at his post in Tacurong City bus terminal when I went home in May. 

Honestly, I still couldn't believe he's already a policeman. He's got hypertension, an injured knee (which I'm afraid he'll be using a knee walker for from if he'd be too clumsy while on the job, I hope it won't happen though), and also has scoliosis. It was quite a miracle or he did something tricky when he took the medical examinations and passed. 

I'm happy that he had finally made something of himself now. My brother and I don't get along very well but I'm glad he got what he had been dreaming of - a policeman. I just hope and pray he wouldn't injure himself while on duty. He's a bit clumsy and I'm just worried for his safety.

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