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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Realizations About Shopping Online

I've been shopping online lately. Which I never have done before. Until Lainy and our friend Raquel decided to sell their pre-loved clothes online, I became one of their avid customers. They sold their pretty clothes in affordable prices. Most of them were hardly even been used and are branded.

Here are the things I realized personally about shopping online:

1. I get better deals with the clothes especially if they are sold by someone I know. :)
2. I am sure of the quality of the items I purchase.
3. I don't have to go to the malls to check out nice and pricey outfits. I get them from Lainy's and Raquel's closets this time around!
4. No more tiresome days at the malls ending up buying something pricey and of low quality.
5. I am able to help my cousin and friend clean up their closets! 

I feel like I'm already been addicted to logging on to my Facebook account to make sure I get those clothes that I really like. I hope they will soon sell nice cashmere scarves and robes which will be very useful to me on my journey back home.

Anyway, I better go back to my shopping spree! :D

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