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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Preparing For Caliraya

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for out team at work. We are going out of town for our team building at Caliraya Resort in the province of Laguna. It's just about 2-hour ride from Manila. We're leaving after our shift. No rest and definitely no sleep after work tomorrow. :D

I'll be the one in charged on the video camera. I like it! It meant, I'd be recording on video whatever is going to happen tomorrow. Then at lunch time, I'll be performing 2 songs. I'm not too confident with the guy performing with me, specifically the handsome guitar man. We haven't practiced that much with the songs yet and I'm not really sure he can play my songs with confidence tomorrow. We'll be using my guitar. I'm not sure how the setup is going to be on stage (if there will be a stage with a guitar stand like that of k & m stands guitar center). Come what may! I hope we can practice the songs later tonight.

I better prepare my stuffs to bring for tomorrow's event. It definitely is going to be a busy day! :D

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