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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Saying A Little Prayer For Bheb Ko...

It's my boyfriend's birthday today. There's no party today because he wanted to celebrate it on Sunday, September 23. Just two days from today. Besides, he's busy running some errands and he's going to begin making preparations for his party beginning today.

His Mom told me they are going to clean up their house today. I bet he will be needing a lot of those cotter pins so they can fix the curtains and fix whatever needs to be fixed in the kitchen and in his room. :D That's a lot of house cleaning for sure.

As for me, I'm going to sleep all day today since I gotta go to work tonight. My gift and a kiss and a birthday greeting were already given to my "Bheb Ko" when I went to their house after work this morning. He's so happy with my gift! :D It's what he's going to wear on his birthday party this Sunday. I'm excited about how he's going to look come Sunday.

Meanwhile, before I hit the sack, I'll say a little prayer for my Bheb. May God provide him with strength in all the trials that's going to come his way. I hope all his dreams and aspirations come true. And I hope that he's happy he's celebrating his birthday with me in his life. :D 

I love you, Bheb Ko! Happy, Happy Birthday!

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