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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blog In Hiatus No More

I admit! I've been really lazy updating my blogs. I was discouraged with the slow internet connection using my Tattoo Broadband stick inside my studio apartment. It has something to do with not getting enough network signal in my room. I'm trying to apply for a DSL connection but I'm afraid it's still going to take a while before I get one. Or I may not even have it connected if I get frustrated with the application. Sigh. But I'll still try.

So... Here I am! Back on my blogging career. LOL! I miss doing this chore, honestly. There were a lot of things about my life these past months that I missed blogging about because of my procrastination. I may have been busy but most of the time, I've been lazy. Guilty as charged! :D 

I'm giving myself a chance to blog once again! I welcome ME back in the blogosphere! :D

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