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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Baby Next Door

I always hear the 5-month old baby who lives next door cry and sometimes laugh out loud with his grandparents. I don't get annoyed when I hear him cry and giggle. Instead I smile and think about this little angel and wished I have my own. :D

I mean it. I'm longing to have a baby of my own. At my age, people would always say that I should marry so that I won't have a hard time with my pregnancy. They say it will be difficult if I let myself get pregnant at the age of 30 and above. Too bad I have one more year left. :D I hear a lot of stories like this. They scare me but what can I do? It's still not time for me to get pregnant. It's too early for me and my boyfriend to get married. It's too expensive to get married nowadays, you all know what I mean.

Pregnancy is something that I really look forward to. I know it will happen in the right time. I can even imagine myself holding that bulging tummy, wearing a comfortable maternity sleepwear and tell stories to that baby inside my womb. I'll be a good mom for sure. But for the meantime, I'll content myself with dreaming about my future baby while that baby on the next room cry for whatever reason. :)

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