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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back From Hiatus... Again

Hi there! Geez, this blog has been quiet for about a month! How dare me?

I know I've made a lot of excuses when I left my blogs hanging sometimes but the past days, I really was busy and got a bit depressed in between. The main reason I wasn't able to blog is because I almost turned my back away from blogging.

My laptop was stolen from me. I don't want to tell you the details as how it was stolen but I got it back after almost 3 weeks. I almost lose faith in getting my laptop back, actually. I was already thinking about the pain of investing for another laptop. God really is good to me because He did not let that happen.Or else I'll be spending a lot of money again for a new lappy.

My Mom was here for a month and she actually didn't have any idea about my laptop being stolen. I try very hard to keep it from her because I know she'll be mad at me when she'll know about it. It was the second time that I lost a laptop. I don't want her to be nagging me about it. She still don't have any idea what actually had been going on until now that she's back in the province.

I guess I'm back into blogging, seriously this time. Money has been tight lately and I wanted so bad to be able to profit from my opportunities online. I miss blogging besides the money. I miss writing about my thoughts even though most of the time they're senseless. I just want to hear myself out again, I guess. :)

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