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Monday, November 26, 2012

Hypoglycemia And Hypertension

Hypoglycemia and hypertension were the initial findings for my Mom when she was brought in the hospital yesterday. My brother, Florante, is already worried when she was asleep half of the day already which my brother is not accustomed to. My Mom always wake up early in the morning and do all sorts of errands. He can't wake her up although her pulse rate is normal. But drifting into a coma-like state is alarming.

"Hypoglycemia, hypoglycæmia (not to be confused with hyperglycemia) is an abnormally diminished content of glucose in the blood. The term literally means "low sugar blood". It can produce a variety of symptoms and effects but the principal problems arise from an inadequate supply of glucose to the brain, resulting in impairment of function ( neuroglycopenia). Effects can range from mild dysphoria to more serious issues such as seizures, unconsciousness, and (rarely) permanent brain damage or death." - Wikipedia.

She's still wasn't waking up until 6pm last night. I was relieved when my brother sent me a text message that she has finally awakened by the doctor who also got worried and thought that my Mom already is in a coma. Thank God it wasn't the case. I can just imagine my brother going through a lot. He has to leave his son in the care of our kind neighbors and worry much about my mother. I wish I was there to help him.

I was able to talk to my Mom earlier today. She's already smiling. I reminded her of her diet which she just laughed off. My Mom can really get stubborn when no one is there to remind her of how she eat.

I hope all will be well with my Mom. I just have to always remind her of her health, I guess, because she tends to forget.

Thank you, Lord, for being with my mother.

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