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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Intelligent Spending

For employees like myself, December is the most awaited month of the year. Everybody knows why! :D It's the bonus month and everyone is excited in receiving their blessings for sure!

Although we're excited about how we will spend our much awaited 13th month bonus, there are things that we have to be mindful about. Here's for an intelligent spending perhaps:

1. Budget. Before thinking about splurging, let's at least set a budget so that we won't overspend and end up not being able to purchase the things that we needed most or pay for the more important ones (e.g. bills, insurance and personal necessities). I've done the list myself and hopefully, I can stick to it. LOL!

And just like the second richest man Warren Buffet said: "keep a close watch on your spending".

2. Save. I think this should be a priority. I know it's hard but saving some portion of what you earn will help you get through rough times. You'll never know what's going to happen in the future.

3. Invest. If there's an opportunity that you think will help you get another source of income, doing so wouldn't hurt. We all know that relying on just one job, especially if that job provide you just enough for your everyday needs, then we should think of something that will help us grow financially. Although it's a risk, you can test the waters by using, maybe, a small amount of your money. If it's going to work, then good for you. If not, try a different one. At least you tried! :) Try blogging for instance.

LOL! Trying to be a financial consultant there, huh! I guess I'm telling myself all that. I hope I am able to somehow help some of you out. Or maybe you can add some more? :D

Happy intelligent spending this December!

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