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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Terrifying Experience

December 9, last Sunday, my Mom and I just finished eating our lunch at home and were waiting for Pacquiao-Marquez's fight to be telecast on a local channel. I was already made aware through a friend's text message that Manny Pacquiao didn't win. I still wanted to watch how tragic the loss was. Just when I heard noises from outside my house. I thought my neighbors were just over-reacting and disappointed with our Champ's defeat from Marquez. But the noise was unusual. So I got out of my room, opened the gate to check what the fuss was about. Then I saw people running and shouting "sunog!" (there's fire!). I got nervous right away. I asked where the fire was and the man hysterically pointed the burning cable wires right above the street, in front of my house. I was in shock seeing the flames! Although not that big yet, seeing it just few inches from where I live, was horrifying.

I immediately ran inside the house and told my Mom that there was fire and we have to leave. I called my boyfriend and I can hear myself shouting at him over the phone asking him to come over at once. While I was on the phone, my mother hurriedly packed some clothes, made sure we have money and hurriedly placed the laptop inside one of my bags. I couldn't think straight anymore seeing how horrible the situation was becoming. And I just bought some new appliances. What am I gonna do next?

Thankfully, my boyfriend came as soon as possible and told us not to panic because somebody is already trying to stop the fire. I still can't help myself but panic. Geez! I was going back and forth from my room to the streets where my neighbors were trying to deal with the situation and waiting for the fire department's response team. Thank God some of them have fire extinguishers ready. They were able to take care of the flames in front of my house.

However, since it was windy that day, the flame crawled over the cable wires and went straight to the bulk of cables across the streets which is a few meters from where I live. The flame was bigger this time and burned whatever it wanted to burn from those cables. Witnessing all that made us all the more nervous. Then the Fire Department came to the rescue!

Phew! It really was a terrifying experience! And who to blame? Our brangay officials and hard-headed residents who tapped over the cable wires so they won't pay for electricity bills causeing the cable wires to overload. Damn these people!

The fire also burned the cables of my internet service provider. I hope they'd be able to fix it soon. I won't have internet at home for sometime though.

I'm just grateful that nothing tragic happened to us that day. Something I thank God so much for. Thank You, dear Lord, for protecting us and keeping us from harm.

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