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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bulging Tummy Complaint

I always complain about my bulging tummy yet I'm too lazy to do something about it. I try so hard to discipline myself into eating voraciously but sometimes I really can't help it especially if I'm with friends who love to eat. Sigh. Such a dilemma, isn't it? And I'm too lazy to even exercise for half an hour.

I got anxious when I attended a wedding and was one of the bridesmaids. My dress almost didn't fit. Thanks to my friends who helped me out wear it. If it was only me, the dress would have torn apart. LOL!

And because of that, I'm trying my best to be in a diet. I have to eat less carbs and instead of riding a jeepney going home, I walk. It helps me sweat a little bit. I'm also thinking about purchasing a dragonfly round silk zafu so I can start doing Yoga in my room. :D

Let's just hope I lose weight somehow this time around. So help me, God! :)

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