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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Guitar Accessories To Inspire Me

Last December, one of our sales guys in the U.S. gave each one of us in our team a $20.00 gift card. It wasn't that much but we we really appreciate the gesture. Each one of us picked our purchases online. I chose some guitar accessories like a guitar bag and a capo which would be very useful for me. My guitar case is already worn out. And it's expensive to purchase one here. I'm glad we were giver that gift card.

I'm just waiting for my purchases to get here in the Philippines. I don't when it actually is going to arrive here but I'm pretty sure those purchases I made will inspire me to play my guitar once again. And if that happens, who knows I also will get inspired to purchase some more Pro Tools that I can use in case a  Gig opportunity comes along, right? :)

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