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Thursday, February 28, 2013

My 5-in-1 Watch

I finally bought my first watch!

I've been looking at watches recently and have been wanting to own one. I'm tired of looking for my phone in my bag when there's a need to check the time. Now all I have to do is simply take a look at the time on my wristwatch whenever I need to.

I wasn't aiming to own one of the signature types. They're expensive. LOL! I actually got the watch from one of my colleague's catalogs and thankfully, it's on sale! I didn't hesitate and got what I wanted - a 5-in-1 watch. It has 5 different straps which will be very useful for me. I'd be able to match it to whatever outfit I want to wear.

I'm just happy with my acquisition today. It isn't expensive but it's worth it for me!


Lainy said...

YAY! Happy new. bang. I am such a sucker for watches. Di kumpleto ang get up pag walang suot na relo. LOL!

Ally said...

@Lainy: Sinabi mo pa te! :D