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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Reggae Music Experience

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I used to play Reggae music with the Kuerdas Band back in the days when I was still in GenSan. Reggae is a music genre that came from Jamaica. It's a combination of rhythm and blues and jazz with the African beat. I'm talking percussion instruments.

I tell you, it's that kind of music that's a combination of sexy and cool. :D I like it when I'm onstage singing and able to make the audience dance to the rhythm of Reggae music. You can see that everyone is having so much fun.

It's just sad that some people incorporate Reggae music with the use of marijuana. Well, Bob Marley, the guy who popularized Reggae music was known to use the substance since it's part of his culture and religion called Rastafari. But it didn't mean that everyone who plays reggae music follow his footsteps. I bet if he lived longer, he might be brought to a marijuana treatment center since it's pretty obvious that he takes a lot of it. You can't blame him. Marijuana isn't illegal in their place.

My cousins and I were in the band together but we never used marijuana and didn't do any pot sessions together before or after our gigs. We never tried using it at all. We just look like we're "high" on stage just because we're artists. :D We can feel irie over the songs we sing so that the music that we play would encourage people to enjoy the night with us. Even without the joint!

Sigh! I miss playing Reggae music with Kuerdas Band!

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Lainy said...

Irie! Jah Bless, Bangskie! Miss yah! Mwah!