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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thoughts About The Pipes

The pipes instruments are really nice to hear on Blues, Jazz and Reggae. They add really nice harmonics to the songs. And they're definitely very important in an orchestra concierto especially the trombone.

I just wonder why I haven't seen a lot of girls play them. They're mostly played by men. That's why it made me interested with these musical instruments. Not that I have been playing it. I wanted to. I wonder how it feels to be able to play it in a song. Is it breathtaking? Or not that exhausting? Maybe so since it seems to me that trombones are being used as fillers in a song or in an orchestra. Meaning those who play it will still get their air back and won't get very exhausted and keep blowing the instrument the whole time. Or maybe I'm wrong. I just haven't heard of it being played solo. I haven't seen one either. That's just what I'm saying. :D

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