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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fell For Another Unexpected Prank

Remember my post about bidding friends goodbye? Well, it turned out that it was but a joke. :) My friend Irene and I fell for another prank that the couple made. We really thought they were leaving. LOL! 

When I went first thing the next day after I learned about them leaving our locale (and obviously already blogged about how sad it was for me), I was already trying to hold back my tears. Just when after knocking on the door, our pastor said that the news about them leaving wasn't true. And then he gave me permission to strangle his wife who's still in the bedroom that morning. The prank was her idea, by the way. LOL! I didn't strangle her, of course. I just tickled her until we're both laughing so hard.

I learned that the reason why she created the prank was because I haven't visited them lately. I've been busy and really didn't have time to hangout with them and Irene. I miss bonding with them, though. Although we know that they are leaving our Church locale sometime soon, just the thought of them leaving really makes Irene and I very sad. They've been one of our "real" friends here in Manila. They're like family, as what I've mentioned on my previous post. I just hope they have an option stay to further their stay here in our church locale.

Lesson learned? I'll make sure to spend more time with them. And better make the most of it since they wouldn't be around forever. But the friendship will definitely remain. Their jokes are just not meant for you to laugh out loud, their jokes could sometimes make you cry just to prepare you to laugh out loud again. LOL! Geez! I just love this couple. :D

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