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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Graveyard Shift On A Weekend

I've been spending my weekend nights wide awake and basically nothing fun to do but to either watch shows on my cable TV or do my laundry and clean my room. I'm done with my laundry last night and doing my house cleaning later. What a boring way to spend the weekend. And to think it's summer, right? :)

I work nights during the week so I basically sleep in the mornings and wake up at night to go to work. That's my weekdays routine. I didn't intentionally do the same thing this weekend but I really didn't have any plans for fun this weekend. Besides, I'm trying very hard not to spend a lot because I've got vacations planned few weeks from now. I'm saving my money for it!

Anyway, I don't regret my weekend nights being wide awake. I guess it's just a thrifty way to spend the weekend. Don't ya'll think? :D

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