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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Music And His Sound System

One of the things that my boyfriend and I get a long with is music. Me on the performing side, him on the technical side of it. As what I have mentioned a lot on this blog, I am really passionate about music. If I only had the opportunity to perform again like I used to do years back, I really would do it again. I just didn't do something about pursuing my passion. But I hope I can someday.

On the other hand, my Kiddo have this fascination about sound systems even at a young age. He told me he would even skip school when he was in elementary and high school days and just observe how sound system technicians do their thing. He always dreamed of having his own sound system and make money from it.

True enough, he was able to make his dream come true last December. He now owns big speakers, complete sound systems with mixers like that of soundcraft mixers at Guitar Center. He was really happy to have been able to purchase it for himself. I'm happy for him too. Now he have some other means of earning some cash. :D

As for me, I'll keep dreaming and hoping that one day, that dream of performing will once again come true.

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