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Monday, June 17, 2013

Rainy Days=Traffic, Flood & MRT Malfunction

So I was on my way to work last night. It was raining cats and dogs. When I reached the bus loading point along EDSA, I sensed that the traffic is already jammed. So I went ahead to my second route - the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) so that I can get to the office on time. 

While the train was moving to my destination, I was looking down at the traffic on the road, relaxed. I was about to think how lucky I was to be on the train when all of a sudden, the train's engine stopped meters away from the next train station - lights and a/c off at the same time. I was like, "Seriously? This is happening?" The train was packed with passengers since a lot of the commuters opted to hop on the train instead of riding the bus to rid of the traffic. But lo and behold! We were there, stuck at the railroad and almost suffocating. They wouldn't open the door yet because the technicians were trying their best to fix the train for, uhm, about 30 minutes. Well, we can't blame them. We knew that they were trying their best to fix whatever was wrong with the train. 

Everyone were already getting uncomfortable since there wasn't enough space inside the train. I was just glad nobody lashed out in anger and everyone just seemed to be holding their temper and waited patiently for the technicians to their job. I informed my boss via SMS about what was going on. Thank God for a kind boss, she allowed me to move my schedule for an hour.

The train still wasn't fixed but was able to move to the nearest train station where a lot of commuters were waiting. We had to unload the train. Then had to wait for the next train. The MRT personnels were prepared on this kind of mishap. They sent an empty train so that everyone from that station or most of us from that station would be able get a ride. Although it was really crowded, I'm still glad to be on that train and get to the office safely.

This is what is expected here in Metro Manila during rainy season - traffic jam, flooded streets, train malfunction and sometimes, believe it or not, fire outbreaks for some reason.

Hopefully there wouldn't be too much mishaps on rainy days. Let's all be safe and always watch the news!

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