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Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Promise Is A Promise

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Like all the other promises I make to myself, continue honing my craft in blogging is one of the many things I promise myself to keep doing. I may have been a blogger absentee for a while (or make it an on/off blogger) and keep making stupid excuses, I still keep coming back. Well, I guess I love writing about my thoughts on various topics. It's just that sometimes I don't feel confident about my writing skills. And that keeps me from continuously writing. A "real" writer shouldn't have that attitude, right? How would I be able to hone this craft if I keep making silly excuses? I'm just lazy, to be quite honest. But I want to change that.

I promise to keep writing and never stop even if I don't feel like it. There are so many things I can write about. There were a lot of topics about my experiences that I missed to write about and I regret not being able to talk about them on this blog. Enough with my excuses. It's time to go back to blogging!

A promise is a promise. And this time, I will keep it!


Lainy said...

YOu need to especially when the $$ are staring you in the face. LOL!

Alley said...

hehehe... korek ka jan te! :D