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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Finding A New Home Soon

I live in a very small room. It is in fact an all-in-one type of room. My bed at the center, on my right corner - the kitchen, on the left corner is the door. :) A space only enough for myself. That's why since my Mom is staying with me here for a while, we are both having a hard time moving around in my little home.

I'm planning to move to a bigger apartment sometime soon. I'm actually preparing for it financially. I'm just sick and tired of this room I'm in right now. I want to live in a spacious and better apartment where I can decorate and organize my things properly.

I've been going through home decorating websites. They always entice me to move out so I can decorate a better home. I have saved websites where I can purchase some cheaper home furniture and appliances. Even a website for simple pull out waste containers at They can be neatly placed right below the kitchen sink. Oh, I would really love to have those in my kitchen!

Just making this post make me think about my new home. I hope I can find a nice yet not too expensive apartment for myself and for my visitors too.

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