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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mom Time And Sleep Deprivation

My 5 year old nephew Brandon and my brother went back to the province about 2 weeks ago. I was alone in my house but not for long. After a week, it was my Mother's turn to stay here in Manila for a while. I had to accompany her to her ophthalmologist for another eye check up. Thankfully, the check up had a positive result. Her Macular Degeneration on the right eye is already cured although it's scarred for life but it's alright. What is it did not affect the left eye and her eyesight is better now.

I think I'm not really used to living with another person in my little room. I don't have a separate bedroom where I can sleep soundly at day time so I basically can't get enough sleep. Not to mention my Mom for not being able to help herself from doing whatever she want to do inside the room. I can't blame her. She gets her sleep in the evenings and of course, she's awake during the day. So I have no choice but to deal with her boredom. :D

I know this sleep deprivation won't take long. I can't say that I don't mind because sometimes I really wanted to get enough sleep as much as possible. I'll just think about my Mother's stay as an opportunity for both of us to spend more time with each other. :D

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