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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Papa Fowante's Turn To Work

My younger brother Florante is back here in Manila. He didn't bring Brandon with him this time since the little boy have to go to school now. His Dad is going to stay here in Manila for a while because he's going to try to get a job abroad. I hope he'd get hired very soon.

I used to wonder how my nephew is going to survive without his Dad's supervision this time. Their bond is inseparable. I saw that first hand when they were both here in my apartment a month ago. Brandon is too attached to his Dad that it's his Papa's name he mentions the moment he wakes up in the morning. And if he needs anything, it's always "Papa Fowante" who tends to everything.

My brother's decision is really a difficult one. His wife is coming back from working abroad this month. And I think they talked about my brother's turn to working for the family this time. Both of them are Registered Nurses and the only way they could earn better is to work overseas. Someone has to sacrifice in order to bring food on the table and of course, to provide good education for their son. His wife had already sacrificed for more than 2 years. It's my brother's turn this time.

As for my nephew, I know he can adopt to whatever situation. He's a tough little man. I really think it's better for him to stay in the province in order for him to get better education in a very good environment. It won't be long for him to see his Mama Joy once again for a very long time since she left for UAE. It has been a struggle for her to be away from her family. But they're gonna be reunited very soon. I'm really excited for them. 

I hope my brother would be successful into finding a job really soon. In God's guidance, I know he would.

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