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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ran A Mile Or Two In My Lonesome

So I woke up early this morning as planned and... guess what? I jogged as planned! It was an achievement for me because I've been thinking about it for months now.. I finally was able to push myself a bit. LOL! Nah, it was just because I don't have anything else to do when I woke up. My Mom is doing the laundry for me. So nice of her to do it. Now I have all day for myself and for my other chores.

My weight is pretty alarming for me now. Most of my important and favorite dresses won't fit and I really have a hard time wearing some of my clothes. I hate looking at my bulging tummy and I'm becoming lazy the past months. I just eat and sleep and if I don't have enough sleep, I eat some more. Not living a healthy life now, eh?

Since I don't have enough money to enroll myself in a nice gym, I better be contented on the free exercise the streets can provide. :D I'll convince some friends to join me next time because it's not at all safe to run along the streets of Metro Manila. But I love how peaceful it is to run in my lonesome.

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