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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Run In The Open Vs Run On A Tread Mill

Running is the only form of exercise I had been doing once a week for a month now. That's either Sunday or Monday morning. I don't have enough time during the weekdays because I'm really busy with work, Church and stuffs. I 'm aware that doing one form of exercise in a week won't help me reach my goal of losing weight. And I'm honestly worried.

Last week, we had freebies at work. They offered 1-hour free Yoga class and 1-hour free Zumba session. It was my first time to join a Yoga class and it really fascinated me. I can still remember how I got relaxed and happy after an hour of stretching and being able to learn the right postures on each positions. It's a bit difficult since I'm a beginner but the experience was really amazing. It made me think about going back to the gym since they also have Yoga classes on a weekly basis.

Running is a good form of exercise but for a busy girl like myself, it's not really for me. I can't run anytime of the day. And the place where I live isn't really a safe place to run. Accidents happen a lot in this side of Metro Manila and I might end up using a knee walker scooter. It's scary, you know. Unlike running on a tread mill in a gym, doing Yoga exercise once in a while, lifting weights if I'm the mood to do so - being in the comforts of a gym is more safe compared to being out in the open, running.

The only thing that prevents me from going back to the gym is not having enough money yet to get myself enrolled in it. I know I will be able to save some money for that very soon. Meanwhile, I'll keep running on the weekends and try to avoid eating too much carbs and unhealthy food. Fingers crossed! :)

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