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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Look Who's Joining A Production Team?!

I'm excited about being a part of a film production. It's one of the activities at Church that I accidentally run into. When we went to the place where the audition was set last Monday. I came there to accompany my church mates who were brave enough to audition. I wasn't so I just sat there and chat with my boyfriend and some friends. And when the audition was over, they asked us to join the meeting. Since we're already there, we might as well make ourselves useful.

During the meeting, the directors talked about the shooting and stuffs about film making. Of course I'm excited because this is something I went to school for. And the chance to relive the life I used to love, it's just amazing! :) Of course most of them in the production team didn't know me so they didn't know that I'm a Mass Communications graduate. I don't think they have to know that, anyway.

So there I am, ended up being part of the production team as a production assistant. The title isn't that glamorous but I really don't care. I just want to be part of it again in a higher level, of course. I'd be able to see cameras and film paraphernalia once again and maybe including a fostex recording equipment if there's a need to create a musical score. Ah! I'm really excited and I will definitely just go with the flow and have fun! Who knows this will be something that I will keep doing once again. And I know I'll love it!

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