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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Miley Has Gone Wild!

I like her better here...

Miley Cyrus made headlines the past few days. I bet everyone knew about her shameful stint last VMAs. I got curious about how she actually performed and watched the video yesterday. I was shocked. No wonder the Smiths' reaction was this - 

image from google

Priceless! LOL!

I bet you all heard about this news already. And maybe think there are much more better things to talk about. I'm just concerned with how the little kids, the teenage daughters who admire her look at Miley now. I don't have a daughter of my own but if I had one, I would wish she  to like her and how she handled life independently. However, I don't like how she's turning out right now. I think she's trying to emulate Madonna and Lady Gaga but I think she's trying to hard.

I pity her the most part. I even think she was on drugs of some sort. She wasn't the girl I was expecting with her performance. Miley Cyrus has now gone wild! Not in a good way, though. Poor thing.

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