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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Moving Out? Or Not?

One of the many plans I want to achieve this year is to be able to move out from my little pad. I have accumulated a lot of personal stuffs over the years. And I admit, I'm not really good in organizing stuffs. I'm really itching to move to a much bigger apartment.

The problem is, I still don't have enough money to afford one right now. I would have to ask a friend to move with me or else, I would be spending a lot just for paying the rent. And looking at my current salary, I doubt if I would be able to survive the whole month since I have other bills and expenses to take of.

My boyfriend told me that unless I get a second job or get a high-paying job, I'd be able to make that move. But since I'm too lazy to hunt for job with another company, I guess I have to postpone my move until I have the guts and courage to do series of job hunting. My superman told me he'd fix my place, get it cleaned up with professional pest control products and help organize my place. That's a very nice plan. I hope we can also repaint because it doesn't look like it's a lady's pad at all. LOL! I hope we can do the cleaning and organizing sometime soon. If I get comfortable, who knows I'd forget about moving out? :)

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