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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Brother's Love And Loss

August 7, just a week ago, was the worst day of my elder brother's life. He couldn't believe he would see his girlfriend in a horrible situation - on a hospital bed, brain dead but still trying to cling for her life. And he was also their to help try to revive Annie. I can't imagine the pain he must have gone through. He was there until Annie caught her last breath.

I'm miles away from my Kuya (elder brother) so all I can do is try to console him over the phone. I patiently listened as he cried over his loss. He still couldn't believe she's gone.

Annie was a victim of a road accident in the province. My family really felt bad about not getting justice Annie's death. Her family did not file a case against the driver of the truck. They went ahead and approved settlement instead of putting the man behind bars. What a shame!

Annie and I we're not really that close. Whenever I come home, we very seldom had a conversation. She's a quiet introvert lady whom my brother fell in love with. They were together for 8 years and are already planning for their future together. 

I wish I thanked her enough when she was alive. I only thanked her for being patient with my Mom and Brandon. Oh, how she love Brandon! I haven't thanked her for loving my Kuya and for keeping him inspired. I very well knew that she was a big part of my brother's success in his career. She was just patient with my big brother and I know she loved him very much.

The burial is set on August 18. I won't be able to witness it because I don't have enough money for air fare. I won't be there for my Kuya physically again. But I'll let him know I care about how he feels. I hope and pray that he will find peace. I know it wouldn't be easy for him, but by God's help, I know he will find the peace.

May you rest in peace, Annie.

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