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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Notes And My Guitar

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I joined a musical activity at Church few months back. It was an activity for young active members of the church in our district who plays the guitar. Since I own a guitar, I didn't hesitate and joined the activity even though I didn't have enough sleep.

After work, my boyfriend and I headed to the venue. I was surprised when I get there. It was a professional guitar ensemble conductor who taught us. I forgot his name but he's really good! Before I got there, I thought we'll just be playing with our guitars using the tabbed chords that I normally see online. But that wasn't the case. They taught us to read notes using our guitars! I loved it! The only problem is, my acoustic guitar isn't like that of a classical guitar where the strings used are nylon strings. My guitar have brass strings. So I had a hard time playing because my fingers hurt a bit. But I had fun with the whole experience.

The whole experience made me think about buying myself a classical guitar. I might consider getting one of those resonator at musicians friend since those type of guitars are louder and has a distinct sound. Acoustics are said to sound better with these types of guitars.

Joining music activities such as that made me love my passion all the more. It made me realize that there are  a lot that I can learn to enhance my knowledge about music. The experience made me embrace my passion for music all the more. I want to continue learning and honing my craft in music! :)

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