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Thursday, November 7, 2013

This Blog's Not Dead

This blog isn't dead yet. As fas as I'm concerned. I just can't blog because something is wrong with my laptop. I don't want to bring it to a technician to have it fixed and waste some money on it (although I'm considering that option). What I really want to do is purchase a new laptop.

Smart Communications, one of the leading Communications network here in the Philippines, is offering a Gadget Plus Plan right now which include a basic laptop computer, a tablet and a pocket wifi at a very affordable monthly plan. I love the deal. However, I have to contemplate more carefully on my finances. Hopefully I can make a decision before Smart Comm decides to change their deal.

I still want to update this blog. Thankfully, I still have other ways to do it. But I still want to my online chores in the comforts of my home and not have any problems doing it.

This blog's not dead yet. I promise you that. Err... I'm talking to myself again. :)

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