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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Used To Be LL's Fan

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She used be adorable and a lot of us loved her. Well, not until lately. But I heard she went into rehab and hopefully, my once-upon-a-time favorite star is now back to herself and sober.
When I was in college, my friends and I watched this flick "Freaky Friday". I was in a band back then and when I saw that movie, it instantly became my favorite. She just looked really cool with the baggy yet sexy and rocking outfit for a child like myself back then. I definitely thought I can relate to her character in that movie. And watching that flick made me envision myself holding a chic daisy rock guitar at musicians friend and doing my thing on stage. LOL! And then I ended up following her style on stage which my friend thought was cool.
Shush. LL made me melancholic about my adventurous college days. I might post about it sometime. But for now, I really hope that LL is now back on her feet and make lots of beautiful movies. I still think she's a nice girl just caught in between the craziness of the movie industry. I hope she knows better this time.

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