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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I've Got A New Baby!

Not the baby - human, alright? :D

The new baby is this:

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My application for a gadget plan for Sun Cellular (one of the competing communications network in the country) was approved and I was asked to go to the shop  yesterday to pick up the gadget. I was initially approved for the polaroid tablet but when I saw their flyer that has a gadget plan for SamSung ATIV Book 2 and a modem stick, I asked them to change the plan right then and there. Laptop was actually what I really needed in the first place. Thank God, they have this plan available right now and they didn't hesitate to approve my application!

Now I don't have any reasons to not update my blogs anymore. I'm even more inspired to blog and as soon as I'm able to buy accessories for this new baby, I'll be ready to take more opportunities online! 

New baby means more earnings and opportunities for me!

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