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Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Saturdays Are Boyfriend Days

I was at my boyfriend's house yesterday. Despite my constant prodding of asking him to send me home so I can fully rest to feel better, he didn't allow me. I didn't stand my ground or else we will end up fighting. And besides, it's the only day of the week that him and I get to spend more time being together. 

I have been sick with cough and flu for days now and there are kids, his nephews, at their house. I don't want to spread epidemic especially to the kids that's why I was insisting to come home instead. But since I wasn't allowed to go home, I stayed distant from the kids as much as I can. The younger nephew kept going near me and kept asking a lot of questions. That's what he does when I'm around because he's aware that I'm very much fond of him. I have to constantly remind him that he doesn't have to talk face to face with me or else he will also get sick.

So what my boyfriend did was give the kids a bunch of coins to play with so they won't bother going to me anymore. It worked! LOL! They concentrated on playing with the coins. Thankfully those coins are not custom coin because some of them are scattered on the floor and rolled beneath the furnitures. When the kids were done, my boyfriend had a hard time collecting his coins back.

I slept the remaining of the day because I was so tired and exhausted. My body feels like I need a lot of sleep this weekend. I hope and pray that I will fully recover this weekend so that spending my next Saturday with my boyfriend and his nephews will be more fun.

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