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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Not In A Hurry For Marriage

A friend of mine posted a status on Facebook. It wasn't a wedding ring that's on her finger yet but an engagement ring! Not too long from now, we're all going to notice a wedding announcement. I'm happy for her. She haven't told me the details of what transcribed during the proposal but I'm sure it was romantic.

These kind of scenarios make a girl like myself, who is in a relationship, think about when I'll get my own happy ending. The funny thing is, people would always turn to me and ask the same question. I'm not in a hurry but the pressure is always on. Especially that most of my friends my age have already settled down. They even have kids that are growing so fast. They just couldn't wait for the announcement when I'll get engaged and get married.

If money isn't just an issue, my boyfriend and I would have had that life together soon. However, it's not going to happen yet. And I know a lot of my friends and family don't believe this, but I'm pretty much contented with the relationship I have with my boyfriend. I don't want to hurry things up. I'm not in a hurry for marriage just yet. :)

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