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Monday, February 3, 2014

From Baggage Guy To Band Vocalist

I was able to introduce my boyfriend with my musician cousins - Mark and Jayson. He got along pretty well with Mark. I guess it has to do with the age preference? LOL! With Mark, since he's easy going, my boyfriend didn't have a hard time connecting with him.

My boyfriend saw some videos of Kuerdas Band. He couldn't believe his eyes. Haha! It's because he saw that Mark was the lead vocalist of the band. And he couldn't believe how suave Mark was on stage. Then of course, I bragged about how the band started back then. That Mark used to be just the "baggage man" who used to tag along with us on our out-of-town performances. Then, when we decided to create the band, Mark became our bassist. Of course, we were on our teenage days back then, he didn't carry the markbass little rocker 500. He used a bass guitar and at the same time was a back up singer. It was when we realized he's got a good voice. Later on, Mark got promoted and became the lead vocalist together with yours truly. Now that I moved out of GenSan for a job opportunity years ago, Mark remained the only lead vocalist.

That's my cousin, Mark's from-the-"baggage guy"-to-band-vocalist story. My boyfriend was left amazed and went on watching the videos online.

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