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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bringing Back The Healthy ME!

I'm tired of hearing people call me FAT! :D I just couldn't help myself indulge in the goodness of food! There's always a part of me that wanted to enjoy life and savor each and every delicacy that came my way. LOL!

I am fully aware that I have gained weight. My problems about gaining weight are: growing flabs on my belly and back (actually it's all over my body), the double chin, the allergies that I didn't have when I was younger, getting lazier each day and most of all, my dresses won't fit anymore. My weight is becoming more of a problem.

That's why I finally made the first BIG step to bringing back the healthy and pretty and sexy ME! LOL!

I enrolled myself in a GYM near the office today and did my first work out for this year! Congratulations to me! Since I once again spent money just to lose weight, I'm sure that I will make the most of the gym facilities. I really hope that this year's working out will help eliminate my allergies. I really feel like I got a lot of toxins in my body and I have to get rid of them. And it's happening from this day forward! Ajah! Haha!

I am so excited about going back to this journey to health and wellness! Wish me luck, folks!

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