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Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Sleep Dilemma

Sleeping can be difficult sometimes especially for an employee like myself who work nights. I don't have insomnia but sometimes there are factors that keeps me awake during the day.

  • Too exhausted to sleep. When I'm too exhausted to sleep, my mind is still too busy even if the lights are already switched off in my room. No matter how I tried to get some sleep, I just can't. Forcing myself to continue pretending to be asleep eventually works, ironically.
  • Messy apartment. Sometimes I have to force myself to cleanup because knowing that my apartment is that messy and dirty doesn't make me feel at ease at all.
  • Noisy environment. Since it's day time, one of my neighbors love to brag about how his behringer inuke nu1000 sounds like in the whole neighborhood. And I have to endure the pain of being awake the whole day.
  • Tons of work to do. Well, it has to do with me not able to manage my time that well. I tend to do things on the last minute which I'm aware it's something I have to change.
My work starts early tonight. I'm exhausted yet fulfilled about being able to finish all the chores before I hit the sack. My apartment is as spic as span as it could be and so far the neighborhood is peaceful. Now I can finally get some needed sleep! Good day, everyone! :)

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