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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Saving For The Love Of Gadgets

So my boyfriend and I were strolling the mall one late afternoon. He bought a battery for his phone and he brought me with him because we haven't gone to the mall together for a while. Aside from not wanting to splurge our money because we needed to save for something I want to have for my birthday, both of us are really not the type to frequent the mall. There are just a lot of more important things to do and church activities that we needed to attend to the past few months.

After paying for the phone battery, we decided to check out some of the gadgets at the stores. How I wish I could purchase just whatever I want from those stores. LOL! That was what I hate about the mall. It always make you want to buy things that are really not necessary for the time being. Maybe not having enough money on my pocket helped me not waste some of my savings, ya? 

Before moving on to the camera store, we passed by the music store and saw a really nice electric guitar. I have always dreamed of owning one which I can use on a tc helicon at Guitar Center. But just like what I did with the gadgets on the previous stores, I turned my back on it and headed to the camera store. 

There I was able to learn more about the DSLR camera that I'm planning to buy before my birthday. I have always wanted to own one and I'm positive that I'll be able to get my hands on one of them pretty soon. I just needed to work hard to save for it and be really patient.

After I'm able to purchase that dream DSLR camera, I think I'm ready to set my eyes on that electric guitar and a really good phone or tablet. :)

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