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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Slowest Train In The World

Riding the MRT (Manila Rail Transit) has been a pain lately. Instead of getting a ride home for only 15 minutes, now it would take me to almost an hour when there's no traffic along EDSA at around 5 o'clock in the morning. If I'm not only thinking about the dangers of going home on a bus in the wee hour of the morning, I am so tempted to change my mode of transportation to get home after work. Sigh.

According to the news, the trains are dealing with technical issues like their computers not getting any signal from the trains. When will they be able to fix this? Not only that, during rush hour, the queue on each train stations get really long. I pity those who are on those queue. It's a good thing that they limit the number of people on the platforms on each stations. But, duh! It takes hours for those people on queue to have their chance to be on the train because it takes a while for the train to get to the stations. This is such a dilemma.

I hope they'd be able to fix the problem really soon. I don't want to be riding the slowest train in the world anymore!

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Lainy said...

It's a shame Bang that you have to deal with that crap. The mechanical issue is common but authorities could have handled it well in order not to cause so much delay to the commuting public.

I experienced that here last week. Our train got delayed by a couple of minutes but I still was able to make it on time to work. Sobrang efficient dito. Pag may scheduled abrupt delay of service caused by track works, they make use of the buses and we just get off to a certain train station. Hapsay ang buhay.