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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Why is Monday the busiest day of the week?

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Monday is the busiest day of my week because I pretty much do everything (e.g. household chores, online chores, some personal errands, exercise if there's still time to do so) before I begin my first night at work. Sometimes, I don't have time to sleep anymore and get to the office almost half awake . I work nights so my Monday basically ends Tuesday morning and I'm already cranked up and just wanted to get home and get plenty of sleep.
You might ask what I do with my weekends when I am supposed to actually do the household chores during those days. Well, the whole day of Saturday and first half of Sunday is the only times of the week that I get to do my obligations and some of my duties at our church locale. After that, I'd doze off to sleep and wake up very early on Monday mornings. :)

I don't manage my time fairly well. I admit that. It's something I need to work on especially now that my shift at work begins 3 hours earlier than my previous schedule. I have to find a way to do all the things I needed to accomplish so that I don't get myself exhausted on Mondays. I don't want to be cranky at work and end up not doing my job well because I too sleepy. I have to do something about this.

Hence, I'm planning to make a schedule this week and see if works. I have to make this work. No more sleeping by the hours on weekdays when I can finish some online and household chores before hitting the sack! I need to discipline myself or else it will just go back to manic Mondays. I can do this! I won't make next Monday the busiest day of the week anymore! :)

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