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Friday, September 5, 2014

The Unemployed

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My being unemployed is now getting boring. I miss going to work already. I miss doing something productive and getting paid. Sigh.

My next employment is due in more than a couple of weeks from now. I couldn't wait and I'm really excited being able to experience working the day shift which for me is a normal shift. I hope and pray that my pre-employment requirements will run smoothly so I would be able to go on-board on my first day in the new company. I really want to be able to tell the world about the company I'll be working for.

Meanwhile, I'll try to chill a little bit and enjoy my 2 weeks of staying at home. I know I should exercise a lot during this time or else I'll go on-board on my first day of work being a fat lady. I don't want to give my colleagues that first impression. :)

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