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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Blog Saved By Lainy!

I have been anxious for the past few weeks about loosing this blog. I've been receiving messages from Google about them not being able to renew my blog. As stubborn as I was, I just let it pass until one day I wasn't able to view my blog online. I wasn't sure if it has to do with my domain not renewed or if it just has to do with the server. But the fact that I wasn't able to view my blog online made me frantic! I really panicked and couldn't follow the instructions Google has for me to update my billing information.

So I had to contact my cousin, Lainy, who by the way is always my go-to person whenever there's something I don't understand about blogging. She has always been my "blog savior". Lol! And I'm always grateful for that.

Guess what? I'll still be around in the blogosphere! :)

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