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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I'll Play Beautiful Songs Again... Soon...

Due to my busy schedule, I haven't really sat back and do the things that I really love doing besides.. err.. blogging. :) I also don't have the luxury of time to sing my heart out in my room anymore and play my guitar. Which by the way I really miss doing. I usually come home at night, exhausted and don't want to do anything else but sleep.

Well, I guess I'm still on the adjustment period. As you have read on my previous post, I just started my job in an Australian company. Not only am I trying to learn new things about the company and the Australian culture, I am also trying to cope up with the morning shift. Being at morning shift here in Manila means that I also have to deal with the stressful rush hour traffic to and from work. But I am really trying my best to deal with all of these. It could be really challenging but I'm up for the challenge.

I have been staring at my guitar whenever I wake up and tell myself that one day I will play music again. I may even purchase a yamaha slg110s and jam with friends some day. For now, it will be one day soon. Wait until I'm very well adjusted in my new career. I promise I'll get back to playing beautiful songs again.

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