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Friday, April 10, 2015

Post Birthday Realizations

On my 32nd birthday, I did not intend not to celebrate it. I was sick so I decided to just stay home with Nanay and my Kuya. The rain, which we waited for days, poured that day - I considered it a blessing. Thank God for the rain I didn't have to make an effort to water the growing plants.

I was just sitting at home checking out greetings of friends and loved ones over at Facebook. I was touched as how many people cared to greet me on my special day. People whom I came across with on my 32 years of existence. Some of them, the special friends and relatives, made efforts of making collages of my photos with them and made me feel even more special when they expressed how our friendship meant to them. I'm glad that I somehow touched their lives the same way they did.

Here are some of the collages they uploaded on Facebook:

From Irene, with whom I have a sisterly bond...

From Lowela, a friend I met from my first job...

From will, my li'l bro at  work in Emerson...

Ate Nimfa, a family friend...
There is nothing more precious than being remembered by friends throughout the years on your most special day. I really appreciate the thoughts and well wishes.

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