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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Perks of Working Home-Based

So, I'm now working online, Home-Based. And I would say this is the best career path I have ever dreamed of having. You want to know why?

Here are the top reasons I love working home-based:

1. Transportation. I don't have to worry about it. I'm just a few steps away from my work station! LOL!

2. Flexible Time. I work nights which in my case is suitable for me. I can work quietly in the evenings. I have to juggle my time between work and my nephew and some obligations at home which I attend to during the day and some hours of the night. Thank, God I've been blessed with a helper who came in handy and has really been great with the household chores. :) 

3. Increased Productivity. Since I don't have to commute to go to work, I'm able to spend more time on more valuable things - family, Church and self-pampering. I also learned to manage my time well and in the near future, I'd be able to increase my work hours and might have more than one job. More work, more earnings! 

4. A Chance To Live A Healthy Life. I'm still a work in progress on this. It's only a month since I started working home-based and I am looking forward to be able to live a healthy life with proper exercise and diet. I want to prove to everyone that working home-based will not make me gain more weight! 

5. I Can Bring My Work Anywhere. That is true as long as there is internet connection! Although I would love to not work during my vacation but just in case I don't have any choice, I can bring work anywhere!  

6. Increase in Knowledge and Skills. I know I can earn this in the normal "work setup" but gaining knowledge in working  home-based is more challenging because sometimes, you can't rely on anyone but yourself and Google. Although your employer will be there to help you out, there will be tasks that are given to you that you have to work on by yourself. Most of the employers expect you to be knowledgeable in doing research. And by working home-based,  I was able to prove to myself that I can do things I was scared of doing when I was in the corporate world. 

7. I Learn To Have Self-Discipline. Working home-based is not all work. Since I also have to attend to obligations, I have to make sure I get enough sleep. This wasn't easy in the first few weeks. And like I said, I am still a work in progress but I'm getting there. When I'm able to manage my time really well, everything should follow - a healthy well-being and a happy and fun family life.

I know I have been saying this for a while now. But I never regret choosing this career path. Although there are some disadvantages about working home-based (which by the way I'll be telling you about on my next post), my experience with working at home so far has more pros than cons. And I am enjoying this career so far.

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Lainy said...

Lovely perks! Not to mention you can now find the time to keep us updated on a regular basis through your blogposts ;-)

I am glad you find happiness in this new endeavour, Bang.

Stay productive and happy!