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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy 8th Birthday, Brandon Zyl!

One of the reasons I came home for good is to be able to take care of Brandon - my adorable nephew. And never did I regret I came home for him.

From being a spoiled brat, he turned into an obedient young boy. He learned how to be respectful to elders and other kids. He knows that if he bullies other kids in school, he will be in trouble. He learned to be sensitive to other people's feelings. Although he still have a bit of tantrums at times, he would stop and listen carefully if everything is explained to him why he can't get everything he wants. He knows he's being taught to be more patient and understanding.

Watching him turn into a good boy really makes me happy and proud. I may be a tough Aunt at times but I always make sure he understands why he has to follow rules. And I'm very pleased that he follows and obeys.

Today marks his 8th birthday. He still dreams to become a doctor in the future and he also think he can become a cook on the side. LOL! Whenever he watches a cooking show, he does everything to make me stop from whatever it is I'm doing and pull me in front of the television. He wants me to teach him how to cook. 

He's a really smart and curious kid. I always feel that it's my obligation to answer his never ending "what is" questions. I feel bad if I can't pay attention to everything he says because I have to be focused at work. He may be disheartened but he understands why.

How I wish he won't grow so fast. I still love to cuddle him like a baby even if he insists that he's not a baby anymore. Haha! I enjoy each moment I put him to bed at night and sing him a lullaby. I'm really lucky I have the chance to do that for him.

I hope and pray he won't feel a little less for he is loved by everyone around him. He is going through something difficult right now but I know he is a strong boy. And I'm here for him as long as I can...

I love you Brandon Zyl! Continue to be good and loving and kind! Happy 8th birthday, Love!!!

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