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Monday, July 11, 2016

Listening to The Weight's Break

Even though I work from home, I do not work during normal working hours here in the Philippines. My full time client is in the United States. So I have to work during U.S. working hours which is the graveyard shift here in the Philippines.

To keep myself awake, I sometimes listen to popular alternative music. Then I came across the song in Youtube called "Break" by The Weight.

The Weight is an American Indie-rock band which consist of lead singer and keyboardist Morgan Cornwell, rock violinist Adam DeGraff, bassist Stuart Hill and drummer Billy Ayres.

I like how the song began playing with violin strings. It was really cool! The violin was actually played all throughout the song.

I always thought of violin as a classical instrument. But music has truly evolved nowadays. Violin is being used on different kind of song genres, even on rock genre. How cool is that?

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