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Monday, October 24, 2016

Main ISP is Back Up and Running!

I got really anxious when I found out that my main ISP did not work the other night. I tried connecting to the internet, and... viola! PLDT has restricted my internet connection because of an unpaid bill.

I was furious because I always pay my bill early. Right after I receive the statement. And it's always done online. So there's no reason for them to restrict my internet connection.

And so I double checked my payment and the text message sent to my by PLDT. It turns out that I paid the bill for my previous account. It was actually my fault. I received calls from them on several occasions asking me for payment but didn't really pay much attention to it. I just let them know that I made my payment early this month and did not even check to which account the payment was sent.

Lesson learned: always check the account that I make payments for. Or else, I'll suffer the consequences.

I'm happy my internet is back up and running after 24 hours. Well, of course, I had to call their customer service 3 times. But still, it was my mistake. :)

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